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Germany 16 years old 180cm

Star sign: Libra

Follow me: @lisa_mmdl

At Elite Model Look we say: “your differences make our world”. What makes you different? 

My self-confidence! I am also very diligent, no matter if it’s in school or in modelling. I truly enjoy excelling and pushing myself. I always look forward to challenges where I can learn and grow.

Where are you happiest?

When I am together with my whole family. For example, on Christmas Eve. I love the harmony of Christmas time! Besides, there's delicious food...

What is your passion?

Art is my passion. I can spend hours doing creative things. I draw a lot, preferably portraits. I discovered drawing as my passion three years ago. It makes me feel relaxed and I like that you don’t have to be a professional artist to express your feelings through a painting.

 Tell us your favourite…

Model: Sara Grace Wallerstedt. I love her unique look with her long, red hair and freckles. I think her strong expression and how she can transform in editorials is really admirable.

Inspirational quote: “One day the people that didn't believe in you will tell everyone how they met you.” - Johnny Depp 

Movie: I love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (2003-2017). I can't get enough of the adventures in the movies. From the pirates, the sea and the comedy. And most important: the leading role is played by my favorite actor: Johnny Depp!

Sport: I regularly work out at the gym. I really feel good after a workout!

Music artist: I love listening to the music from Richie Blackmore and Leonard Cohen. My father used to dance with me, even when I was little. He still often plays songs of Ritchie Blackmore on the guitar. So I have kind of an emotional attachment to these singers! My father promised me that we will go to one of his concerts one day!

If you could go anywhere in the world – where you haven’t already been – where would you go?

I would love to go to Antarctica! I imagine it as a very breathtaking and beautiful place. Going there must be a very unique experience.

What’s the best advice you ever received?

That I should not worry so much about what other people think of me. Life is about creating your own journey, your dreams and not about trying to please everyone else. 

How do you pass time on a long flight?

I watch movies, sleep and I always bring a good book to read.

How does it feel to represent Germany at the 35th Elite Model Look?

It's a great honour and a big chance. I'm really looking forward to it! I was shopping in the city centre of Hamburg and I was really surprised and curious at the same time. I never thought about becoming a model and being scouted by an agency as significant as Elite got me really excited!

Tell us about Germany!

Germany is a country located between the sea and the beautiful mountains. My hometown the Lueneburger Heide is located near Hamburg and it is s famous for it’s beautiful landscapes and national parks. Besides pretzels and beer festival Oktoberfest or iconic car brands like BMW or Mercedes, Germany is famous for its architectural history. Some people may not know that Germany owns some of the world’s most legendary medieval castles and palaces built by the European nobility which look like part of a fairytale and have been an inspiration to many creative works.  A must-see when you visit Germany! Germany is known for punctuality. It sounds so cliché but it is simply true. I am proud of the quality of life Germany is able to offer. For example, its stable legal and healthy security, freedom of speech and free education for everyone.

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