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Mauritius 21 years old 174cm

Star sign: Capricorn

Follow me: @agnes.cateaux

At Elite Model Look we say: “your differences make our world”. What makes you different?

My unusual face and mixed heritage make me different. I am most proud of the cultural diversity in Mauritius, it is very inclusive and has people from lots of different cultures that live together on one island.

What is your passion?

I started studying for a BSc in Psychology and I’ve recently completed an internship with an energy therapist. One thing that really interests me is energy therapy because it heals the wounds that the eyes can’t see. For me, every physical illness has a spiritual occurrence before it takes a physical form, a constant reminder that we all have souls which need to be taken care of. Energy therapy emboldens individuals and reminds us of our power which allows us all to lead happy and purposeful lives.

What’s the best thing anyone’s ever said to you?

Someone told me that I’d inspired them, that was nice to hear!

Do you play sport or do any fitness?

I like to go to the gym to keep fit, both physically and mentally.

Do you have a hero who inspires you to succeed?

I admire Albert Einstein. He shows us that despite difficulties in life, we still have to experience life to the fullest and enjoy all opportunities that we are given.

What is the best holiday you have ever been on?

I went on holiday when I was 5 years old, I don’t remember much of it, apart from that it was in France and I had a huge ice cream!

What is your favourite…

Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio. I think it’s amazing that he started his career so young and yet has be able to take on lots of different roles and always brings a lot of passion.

Song: Feel by Robbie Williams, I don’t know, but I have loved it since I was a child.

Inspirational quote: My favourite quote is, “see yourself living in abundance and you will attract it” - Rhonda Byrne.

Model: Beatriz Machado, who represented Elite Model Look Brazil at the World Final in 2017, she has such a unique face with gorgeous features that make you wonder where she’s from. I think she’s fierce, and takes amazing photos!

If you could go back in time to talk to a younger version of yourself, what advice would you give yourself?

I would tell myself that you deserve everything good in this world. Anxiety is a fake friend, and not to give into your fears and to love yourself fully. Be yourself and live with an open heart.

How does it feel to represent Mauritius at the 35th Elite Model Look?

I am so happy and grateful to be a Finalist in the Elite Model Look competition. I love how being in front of a camera or being on the catwalk makes me feel. I have wanted to be a model since my 7th birthday! I remember my mum took some photos of me and I felt really happy. Modelling makes me feel confident. I heard about Elite Model Look on the radio and read about the competition in the newspaper a few years ago. I went to the casting at Phoenix Mall and applied there. I am really excited about winning a contract with Elite, and the opportunity to work internationally. It would mean so much to me to win! My friends Prisca and Yoshina encouraged me to go to casting and convinced me to apply. Being a Winner in the Elite Model Look competition has taught me that perseverance and dedication do pay off. 

Tell us about Mauritius!

I would say that Mauritius is most famous for its white sandy beaches - they’re really beautiful. There is definitely a slow pace of life and a strong sense of family in Mauritius.

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