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Nigeria 16 years old 179cm

Star sign: Taurus

Follow me: @olivia.edomonu

At Elite Model Look we say: “your differences make our world”. What makes you different?

That’s easy! Personally, I have a stammer. I stammer literally in every sentence! I've never really seen any other model with that speech defect. I used to feel insecure about it as a lot of people were impatient with me while I spoke. In fact, I didn't even think I could become a model, but I overcame that and decided to live my dream and push as hard as I can. I hope that by doing that, some other young boy or girl with the same issue sees me and is inspired to live their dreams!

Who is your favourite model and why?

I would definitely say Mayowa Nicholas because I can tell that she's determined and super hardworking. I watch her updates on Instagram and feel like her successes are mine, because she is a Nigerian like me! She has come such a long way since when she won in 2014, and I feel like I think she must have felt when she first started!

What is your passion? 

Dancing. Dancing. Dancing. Oh my God! I really love to dance. In secondary school, I performed a lot. I have loved dance since I was little, because when I'm dancing I forget all of my worries and I can literally just be at peace. I was also a really good dancer at other kids’ birthday parties because I never had my own!  

Who inspires you to succeed?

My mom inspires me to succeed. She and my dad have struggled to send me to the best schools, offer me a comfortable life and support my interests and my dreams. 

What is your favourite…

Song: It depends on my mood, but I love Scars to your Beautiful by Alessia Cara, it really puts me in an amazing mood so I'll pick that any day. I love the lyrics: "cover girls don't cry after their face is made".

Artist: Rihanna. For me, she makes the best music and sings from her heart. 

Instrument: I think that the violin is so beautiful, I'd love to be able to play that. I have a thing for opera! 

What does happiness mean to you?

Happiness is everything. I think it comes from contentment, we build contentment from our definition of success. There isn't a standard for success, like most people think. It's not measured by money but it's relative. Success is dependent on an individual's goals; success to me is inspiring others. If I were to inspire others, whether I make money from it or not, I'd be content and therefore happy. It's important for people to define what success means to them so that they can celebrate their differences and find happiness. 

How does it feel to be a Winner of Elite Model Look Nigeria 2018?

Winning Elite Model Look Nigeria 2018 was amazing. I was super excited because I was very nervous during the casting. I had heard a lot about how big a deal Elite Model Look is, and there’s no room for being mediocre! Winning was beyond my wildest imagination. I heard of the Elite Contest on Instagram because I had been following Elite Model Look Nigeria, and I applied online. I never ever thought I would win, even though I had been preparing so, so hard! MayowaVictor and Davidson all came from Elite Model Look Nigeria - seeing these people do so well in the last few years has been amazing, and made me hopeful, too. Joining the list of winners is a dream come true. I always saw them thrive and thought "if Mayowa and Davidson and Victor can go this far, then I can too!"  

Why do you want to be a model?

I always liked the energy of Naomi Campbell and Alessandra Ambrosio, they seem like women who can command the attention of a room as soon as they walk in. I have looked up to them since I was about 12. They influenced me, and so I want to be able to have that power to influence other young girls around the world. Not just to influence them, but to influence them in the right direction!

How does it feel to represent Nigeria at the 35th Elite Model Look World Final?

I feel really honoured to be able to represent Nigeria. The previous Winners have left very big shoes for me and I'm hoping to fill them and carry on the legacy! I look forward to meeting people from other countries and getting to know them, and how they think. And I'm looking forward to being on an aircraft for the first time ever! But most importantly, I'm super hopeful to win. If I could take someone, I would take my sister, Geraldine. She has been of great help taking me to castings and taking care of me, so I would definitely take her!

Tell us about Nigeria!

Nigeria is well-known for the diverse culture, languages and delicious meals! Nigeria is so rich in culture that I'm so amazed every time I meet someone from a tribe I've never heard about. I recently just met someone from the Ngas tribe in Plateau State. I never knew it existed! If I had to choose one object that represented Nigeria, it would be a Rubik's Cube will be perfect because it has so many beautiful colors and that's how beautiful Nigeria is with all its heritage and culture and people. We're all so different. We have over 250 ethnic groups are just too beautiful living together! I am most proud of our ethos. We are taught to have respect for others, especially elders, and to attribute value to ourselves. 

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