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Switzerland 20 years old 180cm

Star sign: Taurus

At Elite Model Look we say: “your differences make our world”. What makes you different?

There are a lot of things that make me different but I would definitely say that I’m really curious person, I like know everything and ask lots of questions. Another thing that makes me different is that I’ll never give up on my dreams and I'll do everything can to try and get something that I really want.

 What is your passion? 

Writing stories, I hope one day I’ll write my own book. I adore sport because of the feeling it gives me, a sense of release and allows me to de-stress! At first I wasn’t that keen, but, as I began to get strong and fitter, it turned out that I really enjoy it. I love cooking and I spend a lot of time searching for new recipes to try and inform myself about new healthy and delicious foods, I’m a vegetarian now and try to cook as much as I can. 

 Who inspires you to succeed?

 Since I was a  little kid Astrid Lindgren has always been my greatest idol. I wanted to become a writer because of her, and I love her work. My mother also inspires me the most, she has always been so independent and never needed anybody, she’s super selfless and has always helped those who need her.

What does happiness mean to you?

 I think happiness are those short little moments where everything seems perfect and you feel like you’re part of something really big. Whenever I have a moment like this I always hope it lasts forever.   

Tell us your favourite…

Model: I really like Ronja Furrer, she has such a strong look, but my favourite is definitely Nadine Ammeraal. She’s from Elite Amsterdam. I saw her once in Paris and it was star-struck. 

Movie: My favourite movie changes all the time. It depends on my situation and my mood. A movie I’ve always liked though is Hugo Cabret, its really arty  and I love it.

Instagram account: I love to follow several vegan food and lifestyle accounts like @aniahimsa, @lovelyeevi, @carolinedeisler they inspire me to live healthy and to be thankful for our wonderful planet. 

Do you play an instrument

I sing, even if its not perfect it’s a good way to express yourself and connect with people. There are songs that everyone knows and singing can really join people together.

 If you could go anywhere in the world – where you haven’t already been – where would you go?

 There are so many places I want to see. But at the moment I’m really happy where I’m at. Home will always be my favourite place in the world!

How does it feel to be representing Switzerland at the 35th Elite Model Look World Final? 

I was completely shocked! I first heard about the competition when I was 15 but I definitely wasn’t ready for it yet and didn’t have the confidence to go to a casting. After a few years, I went to a casting in Zurich, I was definitely nervous but so excited  The moment they said my name I was so delighted but then I realised I had to go to the World Final and freaked out a bit! But it’s such a good opportunity and I feel so blessed. I’m a total perfectionist and I want to be super prepared. I have been practising walking in heels. To win the EML in Switzerland is huge chance but it really depends on what you made out of it. The opportunity to go to the World Final and meet people from all over the world is such a brilliant opportunity for me to push myself forward and meet all of these creative minds. I really want to do my best, and just want to have fun. 

Tell us about Switzerland!

When people think about Switzerland they think about: chocolate, banks, mountains, cheese and watches. But Switzerland is much more than this. If I had to choose an object to represent Switzerland I would choose a cow, they are so calm and often not very eye-catching but they are very solid and reliable - that for me is exactly what Swiss people are about!