24 Hours At London Fashion Week With Casting Director Holly Scott Lidgett

At fashion week, casting directors work with model agencies and fashion designers to choose models for fashion shows. This means finding the faces that would best work with the clothes in the collection, be it undiscovered new faces who will catch the industry’s eye, or established top models who bring star power to the show. Holly Scott Lidgett is a casting director in London, working with clients like Giles, Erdem and Mulberry, and is Casting & Bookings Editor at Grazia Magazine. Here, she gives us a glimpse of what a typical day during the week looks like.

Fashion week means early starts

During fashion week, I always wake up early. I always check Vogue.com, Daily Mail and Grazia Online first thing.

Photo © Holly Scott Lidgett

I’m always looking for tomorrow’s superstar

For a casting, I meet all the girls that I think are right for the collection. I am always trying to spot a new star, which is why it’s important to see new faces as well as girls I know.

I try to see things from the designer’s viewpoint

The girls come in, we try some pieces on and see how it all looks together. I always cast a line up that is lead by the vision of the collection.

Photo © Mother of Pearl: Léa Julien in the Spring Summer 2017 show


A lot of work goes into each show

I only work on one show per day. The casting director needs to be there with the rest of the production team setting up hours before the show stars, to be there when models arrive at call time, oversee rehearsals and of course the final show. Any more than one show per day would be pretty unrelaxing!

Down time in fashion week is a must

When I get home, I usually relax with a hot bath and a cold gin and tonic!

I work until the last minute before sleep

Before bed, I prep for the day before. That means making phone calls, answering emails, catching up on that day’s shows - whatever is needed to get ready for the next day!

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