A Model's Guide To Taking Photos Of Yourself | Video Tutorial

You need to have a good set of pictures to apply to Elite Model Look. With these, agents will assess your potential to work as either model or digital creator with an Elite Model World model agency in the future. With this guide, learn how to take pictures which will show you in the best light! 

Types of photo 

You will need three types of photo to apply to Elite Model Look. They are:  
1. portrait, from your shoulders up 
2. Close-up, from the waist up 
3. Full length, from head to toe 

Do not use filters or amend your pictures – agents can tell if a photo has been edited and may reject your application. 


Photos need to be brightly lit so agents can see you as clearly as possible. Don’t take photos in the dark – even if you think the picture looks better, it will not help your application. Natural daylight is best, or strong indoor lighting. 


Make sure the background in your photos is as simple as possible. A plain wall with no pictures in the background is best. Avoid taking pictures where we can see a room behind you, it might prevent the agents from seeing what you really look like. 


Avoid wearing baggy clothing. It is best to wear clothing that is fitted, like a tight tee shirt, leggings or skinny jeans. Don’t wear accessories like a hat or a scarf. 

Naturally you 
If you apply to Elite Model Look with too much makeup in your pictures, agents will not be able to see your face and may reject your application. It is best to wear no makeup at all, and boys should be clean shaven. Smile in a relaxed way 


Don’t slouch, stand straight and tall, with your feet shoulder distance apart. Keep your neck straight and chin down, with arms by the sides and relaxed hands. 

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