Elite Model Pets And Animal Friends

If it's true that hanging out with animals reduces stress and anxiety, then these models must be super chill! Personal pets or passing acquaintances, we take a look at the models sharing images with cats, dogs and horses on social media. 

Photo © Denisa Dvorakova via Instagram

Denisa Dvorakova, EML Czech Republic

Denisa Dvorakova shares an ice cream with her cocker spaniel Nela.

Photo © Katya Bybina via Instagram

Katya Bybina, EML Russia

Katya Bybina posted this gorgeous picture of her cat.

Photo © Eva Klimkova via Instagram

Eva Klimkova, EML Czech Republic

Eva Klimkova loves horseriding - she posted this to her Instagram Stories.

Photo © Babs de Jongh via Instagram

Babs De Jongh, EML Netherlands

Babs De Jongh hanging out on the beach with her dog.

Photo © Nina Marker via Instagram

Nina Marker, EML Denmark

Nina Marker's caption: "Ladies love puppies".

Photo © Cora Emmanuel via Instagram

Cora Emmanuel, EML Antilles Guyane

Cora Emmanuel's cat looks like the most relaxed cat on earth! 

Photo © Manon Lemaire via Instagram

Manon Lemaire, EML France

Manon Lemaire shared this beautiful photo from the racetrack on Instagram.

Photo © Eniko Mihalik via Instagram

Eniko Mihalik, EML Hungary

A woman's best friend? Eniko Mihalik posing with Charlie.

Photo © Barbora Podzimkova via Instagram

Barbora Podzimkova, EML Czech Republic

Barbora Podzimkova shared this with the caption "home is where your cat is"... We're in love!

Photo © Baya Kolarikova via Instagram

Baya Kolarikova, EML Slovakia

Baya Kolarikova with her dog Caballa. They make a great duo!

Photo © Kristian Cernik via Instagram

Kristian Cernik, EML Czech Republic

The proof that modelling and puppies fit perfectly by Kristian Cernik.

Photo © Ruth Bell via Instagram

Ruth Bell, EML UK

Ruth Bell gives this horse a little scratch on the nose.

Photo © Linda Vojtová via Instagram

Linda Vojtová, EML Czech Republic

Linda Vojtová pets this super-cute puppy.

Photo © Petra Ugljarevic via Instagram

Petra Ugljarevic, EML Croatia

Petra Ugljarevic and her dog take a stroll in the sunshine.

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