Behind The Shoot: Amanda, Marie-louise And Marylou For Vogue Spain

Just last year, Amanda Denis represented Spain in the Elite Model Look World Final 2016. Now, she stars alongside Marylou Moll and Marie-Louise Wedel in this exclusive fashion film for Vogue Spain – watch it here. Marylou was a French finalist in Elite Model Look 2012, and Marie-Louise competed in Denmark in 2013. We talked to all three of them to find out what it was like!

Amanda, you took part in the Elite Model Look World Final just last year. Did you ever think you’d be doing something like this?

Amanda: I never thought that I would work with Vogue Spain, it´s incredible! I enjoyed working with Marie-Louise and Marylou a lot, I learned because they have more experience than me and I´m very grateful. The team was great as well, they explained everything very well and they made me feel safe. You just have to be yourself and natural, enjoy every single moment because it´s very special. 

What was your favourite scene to shoot?

Amanda: My favorite scene was when I was alone in my bedroom dancing and listening to the music. I played character who was really similar to my personality and it was really easy to act. It was amazing, the experience was new to me and I loved it!

Marylou, what was it like to shoot the film with Vogue Spain?

Marylou: It was one of the best experiences I had as a job! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to participate to this project with such a great team. It literally didn't seem like we were working! My character had an on-screen romance! I felt at ease with Alex, especially during the pool party scene it was really hard for us to stay serious and not laugh!

Do you think taking part in Elite Model Look helped you as a model?

Marylou: During the contest as we are learning how pause, walk and how to become a model in general, I really think it's much easier to start modeling by the EML. The most important thing for me is to be serious without taking yourself too seriously! Everyone who is experience it is very lucky so you better enjoy every moment.

What were the team like?

Marylou: The whole team was super nice! We had a really good time all together, on set there was a positive atmosphere that pushed every one of us to give our best. It's was the first time that we met the other models but we all get along with each other, and it's always so much easier to work with people you appreciate.

Marie-Louise, did you have to “get into character”?

Marie-Louise: I played "Sophie", the mid sister of the "Swinton sisters". I'm am used to being middle sister in my own family, so it was funny to play the same in this film! I have done some film and commercials before, but it is always good! I'm enjoying acting. 

What was your favourite outfit?

Marie-Louise: I had so many different outfits, but I think the one I had on in the mountains or at the concert. It was really fun and beautiful weather. We were shooting in Madrid on different locations. I have never seen so much of Madrid before, so it was lovely! The whole team was so sweet and kind I liked all of them. Even though it was long days, we didn't miss anything. There was control over it all. That means so much.

What is your favourite memory of Elite Model Look?

Marie-Louise: My favourite memory from Elite Model Look was that I could be in a completely different world. Having my hair and makeup done, taking pictures, walking the catwalk - all the things there are just a routine now, and you don't really think about it anymore. I love my job! I could never have done this without my lovely bookers and agencies. On the Vogue Spain shoot, the two other girls Marylou and Amanda are really sweet. I had never met them before, but we are all from Elite, so it's really funny. It’s like a family. 

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