Bertie Pearce On Creating An Equal World

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We talked to Bertie Pearce about how he thinks boys and men can take part in discussions about gender equality. Bertie Pearce competed in Elite Model Look in 2014, reaching the World Final in Shenzen, China. He talks about the strong women who inspire him and his vision for a perfect future.

Which women inspire you?

My mum inspires me more than anyone else, she's queen of the fairies and the most amazing women in the world! She's always worked to give to other people and I aspire to be like her.

Do you think it’s important for men and boys to take part in discussions about gender and equality?

Absolutely, equally as important as anyone else. As members of society, we all have a level of responsibility to seek out inequalities and promote change, regardless if we are directly affected or not. In terms of gender, I believe it to be socially constructed anyway. I'd like to live in a gender free society which cannot be achieved without engagement in discussion!

Do you think our ideas about masculinity could be updated?

Masculinity is identity with the male gender. I believe the world would need to be genderless to really be equal, and thus people would be undefined by notions of masculinity or femininity.

What does the word feminism mean to you? Do you think it’s a word that has a place in 2018?

I’m not too sure. I think feminism a composite term for of a variety of movements, some more agreeable otherwise. However, it does succeed in putting the question of equality in the public eye, media and educational discussion, which of course is great. I’d love to live in a society where we didn’t need feminism to fight for change, as the movement only has effect and principle up until the point of equality being reached. However, I think we all agree we’re not at the point, or even too close really, so yes, I believe it has a place.

Have you seen any films or read any books with good examples (in your view) of inspiring women?

I think the Boudica novels by Manda Scott depict a wonderful representation of the warrior queen, strong and courageous. I imagine these books to be empowering to young girls.

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