Top Tips For Summer Hair

Summer’s here, which means spending lots of time on the beach! Kicking back on the sand means rocking a swimsuit and embracing beach waves. Here, we give you the how-to guide to getting an easy summer hairstyle.

Protect your hair

The wavy beach look is always in in summer. Experts recommend protecting hair with an oil or conditioner before swimming, which penetrates the hair and stops salt or chlorine water from drying it out.

How to guide

Create loose curls for the ultimate beachy look. Stylists recommend taking sections of your hair, wrap around the Rowenta for Elite Model Look tong and holding for around 5-6 seconds. Once the entire hair has been done, run your fingers through your hair, to soften the curls and blend the locks into each other. You can finish with a spritz of salt spray for a tousled finish.

Wet your hair

Before you hit the waves, make sure your hair is wet with fresh water - dry hair actually soaks up more salt, causing hair to become brittle and break more easily.

Keep your curls on point

Keep your curls on point

If you have dry, curly hair, keep a bottle of conditioner with you on the beach, and comb through to tease out tangles and keep your curls on point.

Wear a hat

Keeping a hat on in the bright sun will protect your hair from the worst rays. Always rinse out salt or chlorine water after you swim and use a brush to stop tangles from building up.

Screen your skin

Always wear sunscreen when you’re out in the sunshine - burned skin is never a good look!

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