Class Of 35th Elite Model Look: How Do You Workout?

Fitness and sport is not just about how you look - exercise makes you feel good too! We asked our World Finalists what is their favourite way to be their best in mind and body. Scroll down to learn how to work out like a model!

Alice from the UK

I absolutely love yoga. It’s both a relaxing and challenging form of personal fitness. I do it with my friends, but also as part of a volunteering projects with special needs children. Seeing how it benefits them by developing their motor skills, as well as forming close friendships with their classmates has reinforced for me the therapeutic benefits of exercise. 

Prateek from India

I was state level cricket player, and I’m really into fitness in general!

Margaux from France

I do gymnastics about two or three times a week. I also love going to the gym. When I was younger I also did lots of ballet, I did it for 11 years, and I have also done 4 years of contemporary dance.   

Hugo from Luxembourg

 I like training outside because everyone helps each other to improve and it makes exercising more fun. I played handball for 10 years to a pretty good level, I used to train 3 times a week and competed at weekends. It’s a sport that taught me certain values such as respect for one’s opponent and team spirit. The value of sport and being part of a team is invaluable for children when growing up.

Olivier from the Netherlands

I play football a lot. I like being a goalkeeper as its really exciting, once the attackers break the defence it's down to me, I like that the intensity of it. 

Lisa from Germany

I regularly work out at the gym. I really feel good after a workout!

Yulia from Russia

I go to the gym, and I have recently started yoga!

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