Edwin S Freyer, Photographer

Industry EML UK
London-based fashion photographer and Creative Director of 5Eleven Magazine Edwin S Freyer was born in the Canary Islands, and he graduated in Fine Art Photography. His work has been featured in renowned magazines such as British VOGUE, Tatler UK, L'Officiel, Hunger Magazine, ELLE Italia, GQ Spain and Grazia UK. He has been a guest judge at Elite Model Look UK. Here, he shares his tips for how to be a great model.

The model’s job is to know how to move to always make clothes look great.

At EML UK, I taught the models that they need to know themselves very well; their movements and body shapes, their strengths. This allows them to express to the camera as much as they can. And that while on set, they should feel comfortable, confident and enjoy themselves! 

Models are part of a team on set

Along with the photographer, stylist, and all the crew, they do their part to create beautiful images. This means being proactive, adaptable and flexible depending on what kind of job or editorial it is.

To be a good photographer, it takes dedication

You need to have your goals set as clearly as possible, a very strong work ethic, and never forget why you do what you do. Along the way, you will deal with rejection, but you should stick to your vision if you really believe in it.

Models need self-care!

Models should have a good routine of skin and nail care, resting well, staying hydrated and eating good quality, healthy food.

I love it when a model has looked at the moodboard

It's a great help when the model understands the style of the shoot, has taken the time to check out the team they will work with, what kind of style they do and what kind of magazine you are going to work with. It helps everyone to work together as a collaboration.

For me, a model who is a real superstar has the capacity to inspire

That can be through how they look or how they move, but their personality is everything. You should be able to feel their presence on set.

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