Elisenda Estalella, Head Of Men's Booking, Elite Barcelona

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Models couldn’t get to where they are without the booking teams behind them. We get to know what goes on behind the scenes with Elisenda Estalella, Head of Men’s Booking at Elite Barcelona, who represents former Elite Model Look Spain Finalists like Nicolas Lemoine, Adrian Calabria and Alvaro Silveira. 

How did you become a booker?

I finished school – I actually studied English - and through a friend I started as an assistant at Natasha’s, which was the only model agency at the time in Barcelona. I was taking care of girls. It was by pure luck that I got involved in the fashion industry and now I’ve been a booker for more than 15 years! I’ve always liked fashion but I never expected to work in the industry. It was until I began to work and got to experience the fashion world first hand and everything it involves that I became inspired and kept working on it.

What makes you happy at work?

Finding new models and watching them develop over time, getting amazing jobs and experiences in both the national and international market, is really fulfilling as an agent. I believe is not only the agent’s work that makes it happen but a whole network of people working together as a team to achieve the same goal - so the reward is even bigger!

How would you describe your job at Elite?

I’m Head of Men’s Booking which means finding boys for the division, help them develop, talk to clients, handle their requests, and everything regarding each male model’s strategy. 

Old fashioned politeness or embracing new technology – what do you think gives models the edge in 2018?

A bit of both I would say. Old fashioned politeness is important, but times change and we need to adapt and try to keep up with the new technology as it brings many advantages to the models: connecting with a brand and its audience, showing their personality and what’s makes them unique on social media, talking to their followers on Instagram and all those platforms.

What are the challenges of your job?

The business is changing as new technologies bring wonderful opportunities to our models but we need to keep up with them and always achieve to find an innovating formula that will work for both our models and our clients. 

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