Elite Model Look 2017 Campaign: Behind The Scenes

Competition News Mar 29
The campaign for the Elite Model Look 2017 campaign was shot the day after the World Final 2016, on a windswept beach in Portugal. We caught up with the winners who starred in the shots to ask what it was like.


It was an amazing experience to shoot the campaign, it was my first time shooting on a beach and it was a nice location. The Top 15 became even closer because we got to know each other better and we spent almost all the time we had staying close to each other because it was the last day and we wanted to say some more. I wish the new generation all the best and I hope I could get a chance to be at the world finals this year to see the amazing world finalist - and I hope a Nigerian wins it again!


With such an awesome team and in a beautiful beach in Lisbon, shooting the campaign was a lot of fun - we were all hugging each other to keep warm. I found out lots of new stuff about the Top 15 so we became closer. This was my first time shooting a campaign; I believe the results will be cool. My advice to people participating this year - join us and have fun, that’s the most important thing!


I had the chance to be a part of this adventure and it was amazing to be a part of the 2017 campaign and share it with new friends that I made and love. It feels like we are a big family. The ambiance of the shoot and the whole crew were great. That was the day I got to know all of the Top 15 properly. My advice for you, if you want to apply is; go for it! You have a great opportunity to meet new people from all over the world, take that chance! And of course enjoy it and don’t be afraid of being yourself.


I feel so blessed and proud that I got to be a part of the EML 2017 campaign. It was a really cool experience - it was my first campaign! That extra day meant a lot as I became much closer to the others and I miss them all a lot. The crew are so professional and good at teaching you different ways, so my advice to anyone is to try and learn as much as you can. It will prepare you really well for your upcoming career.


I've never had a shoot on the beach before but I’ve always dreamt about it. We were a great team shooting the campaign and it was in the most beautiful place, I want come back as a tourist. The day was full of fun, laugh and tears in the end - we are part of EML forever! For participants in 2017, my advice is to be confident and remember that this journey happens once in a lifetime, enjoy!  


Shooting in Lisbon was such a great feeling. I usually go to that same beach in the summer so it just felt like I was at home with my new friends - and it was my first day working as a model! We were 62 and then we were just the 15 of us, so shooting the EML 2017 campaign felt like it was a much closer environment. I think that if you really love modelling and if it is something that you want to do in the future, you should take a chance. I want to encourage other girls and boys to participate as well because it is an unforgettable experience. This opportunity can open so many doors - challenge yourself to do your best!


I am proud to be a part of the EML 2017 campaign. As you know, our location was a beautiful beach on the Atlantic Ocean - I had never seen that ocean before, so it was an exciting joy for me. I loved working with photographers Luc Braquet and Goncalo Claro. It was amazing to shoot with the other Top 15. They are not contestants any more, we are now friends!


I would rate the shoot on the beach as one of my best photo shoots because I did it with amazing people. All of the participants were really close and I’ve started a really nice connection with the other guys. It’s an honour to be a part of the 2017 campaign and I wish all of the participants this year good luck and I hope their dreams come true. I’d say to be yourself because you’ll have a memory for life as well as new friends all over the world.


Shooting the EML 2017 campaign on the beach was very cold but we were so overwhelmed and busy enjoying our last time together that we almost forgot. It’s cool to know that I might be part of the reason for new faces to sign up. To those who may want to sign up this year, this branch of work is very tough but you are going to do great things so just enjoy - you are amazing! No matter if you win or not you're going to have a fantastic experience that you are going to remember for the rest of your life - best of luck!


I loved the theme of the shoot on the beach! I'm so thankful I got to stay another day to do the campaign. I feel like the top 15 all had a great, social connection, so my advice to participants in 2017 would be not to see it as a competition, but to see it more like a start to something big and as a chance for you to make great friends. Keep calm and first of all, don’t stress about it. Really take care of your time there and appreciate every minute! It's a win win situation so be positive and be nice, that will take you a long way!


The EML 2017 campaign couldn’t have been better, it’s indescribable! It’s exciting to think that people will see us when they see an EML advert - it definitely feels rewarding! Being in the Top 15 made a much more intimate group, but made goodbyes even harder! For people who are going to join the EML 2017 contest, I’d say to enjoy every single moment of it, be yourself, take it seriously, listen, learn and don’t be shy - this once in a lifetime opportunity goes by quickly, but the memories do last forever!


It feels weird but so cool that many people are going to see the EML 2017 campaign. From 62 people in the competition to 15 is a big difference, so we got the chance to get to know each other even better and in such a beautiful location! My advice for people that are planning to join the contest in 2017 is to enjoy! The time goes so fast and before you know it, it's already over!

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