Elite Model Look Czech Republic Partners With Hpv Vaccine Info Site Ockovaniprotihpv.cz

Fashion is often about the more glamorous side of life - but it can also be the vehicle for talking about life’s more serious side too. This year, the Elite Model Look Czech Republic team was proud to partner with a different kind of organisation: the Ockovaniprotihpv.cz website. This is an information website about HPV prevention and the HPV vaccination, which can be the cause of many serious diseases. 

The HPV vaccine only works if it is administered before a person becomes sexually active, and so it is essential as many young people as possible learn about the vaccine and the diseases it can help to prevent as early as possible. 

Elite Model Look sat down with the team to find out more about what they do, how they started, and what they hope to publicise. 

The EML team is excited that we can support such an important health initiative for young people. Can you tell us how ockovaniprotihpv.cz started?

Ockovaniprotihpv.cz was founded in the Czech Republic by the company MSD as a way to spread awareness about Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and the diseases that this virus can cause. Our main goal is to provide information about HPV prevention, especially about HPV vaccination.


Ockovaniprotihpv.cz provides information for people to access about the dangers of HPV. Why is important to get this vaccine in a timely manner?

HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection. Around 80% of people get infected at least once in their life. This is why it’s important to get the vaccine before a person starts having sexual contact. The vaccine is usually given to young people around 13 years old.

The vaccine can be given to a person of any age. It doesn’t cure an infection that is already in the body, but it does prevent future reinfections caused by other virus types. 


What kind of diseases can HPV cause?

HPV can cause diseases in both men and women. The most dangerous are HPV related cancers, most commonly cervical cancer, but also anal cancer and others. Some HPV types can lead to genital warts.


How it can be spread?

HPV is typically spread through sexual contact. It’s highly contagious and can be spread by petting and other sexual activity, not just penetration. Because of this, condom is not a reliable protection against HPV.


What is main message that you want applicants to EML to take from finding out about ockovaniprotihpv.cz?

HPV is a very common virus that can lead to dangerous or even deadly diseases. You can protect yourself and your future partner by getting vaccinated.


Czech designer Jan Cerny produced limited edition tee shirts for the Elite Model Look Czech Republic scouting tour. I saw on the tee shirts it said “RIP HPV”. Can you tell us the idea behind this message?

If HPV vaccination rates go high enough, there is a real chance of getting close to eliminating deadly diseases caused by HPV. We can already see a proof of this in Australia, where the vaccination rates are so high they might be able to eliminate diseases like cervical cancer in a span of a few years. We want the Czech Republic (and the rest of the world) to follow this example and use vaccination to lower or eliminate HPV related diseases - figuratively “killing HPV”.


Can you tell our followers in the Czech Republic about whether or not this is covered by health insurance? 

HPV vaccination is currently fully covered by health insurance for all young people aged 13. As of January 2024, the reimbursement will be broaden to everyone aged 11 to 15.


Finally, is there any other message or idea you wish to communicate to our followers?  

We have all the tools we need to protect ourselves and our partners from HPV related diseases. All we have to do is use them!

For more information on HPV in Czech Republic, please visit Ockovaniprotihpv.cz. For all other countries, please contact your local health provider. 

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