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Competition News Nov 20

For the first time, we are inviting you to support your favourite finalists to win the Most Popular Model. One boy and one girl Finalist with the most Facebook Likes and support Tweets will win. Click here to vote for your favourite!

Social stars of tomorrow

A second prize will be given to the Best Model on Instagram, judged by Elite with Vogue.it and top British fashion blogger Elizabeth Jane Bishop @elizabethjanebishop. With a following of one million on social media, Elizabeth knows a thing or two about maintaining an online presence. The winners get to participate in an exclusive shoot with Elizabeth, exactly the kind of collaboration which the stars of social media engage in to share with their followers.

Be creative

For the EML World Final, Elizabeth put together a zine with her tips on how to take on social media like a pro. Posts need to be interesting, giving people an insight into your life. They need to be beautiful, with great composition and inventive set-ups. And they must be varied, from selfies to friendship groups, art to architecture, fitness to food.

Use your voice!

We live in an age of self-publication, and to be on social media is to be promoting a personal brand. Elizabeth suggests using photos to tell a cool story, to create an interesting narrative about yourself. Use mirrors to play with perspective, always photograph food before you start eating it, include scenic shots to make your feed varied. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! Photo: France contestant @tristantymen

Learning from the best

At the boot camp, Ruben Rua coached the finalists on using social media. Finalist of EML Portugal in 2005, Ruben has modelled for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and Jean Paul Gaultier, and has over 56k followers on Instagram - follow him @ruben_rua. As a model, he advised that social media acts as a business card, and told them how he has been hired for jobs based on his image online.

Be part of the action

Follow all the action at the World Final on social media at @EML_int and with the hashtags: #EMLWF2015, #EMLWearsBenetton, #BeElite, #Vans, and #ROWENTAforEML. Most importantly, you decide who gets to win the Most Popular Model - check out the Finalists’ profiles on the site and help you favourite to win by clicking like on their profile page.

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