Essential Model Kit

Competition News Nov 16
What does a model need to survive? When the Finalists arrived at the Elite Model Look World Final, they each received a goody bag with what they need to stay refreshed and up-to-date during the bootcamp. Here’s a sneak peek at what they got.

Travel light

Every model knows that travelling a lot means airport restrictions on your carry-on liquid allowances. These travel-friendly hotel-style vanity kits means our Finalists can travel light and stay cool.

Picture perfect

Girls can get camera-ready with the Elite essential makeup and brushes. At the bootcamp, makeup artists taught the models how to apply basic makeup, an essential skill.

Wide awake

A model’s eyes are one of their most important features, and long hours mean their skin around their eyes often suffers. Eye cream is a smart investment to sidestep tired eyes.

Smooth move

Boys’s grooming is essential for looking smart for castings and modelling jobs. Our Finalists got a selection of hair products.

Be UV smart

With these Elite sunglasses, the Finalists can protect their eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, and stay looking extra fresh.

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