Fashion Week Files: Harold Vente

Just a year and a half ago, Harold Vente entered the Elite Model Look competition in France at a casting in Rennes. This season, he is the face of the Valentino campaign. We caught up with him in London to talk backstage antics, the power of a smile and the politics of crossing the street.

How has fashion week been for you?

It has been really good, I have had some good moments here. Casting in London are a little bit more simple than in Paris, because it’s during the day, and things are a little bit calmer than in Paris. I already did the castings for Paris Fashion Week before I came to London, now I am waiting to find out if I am doing any shows. So far, I’ve done 14 castings in London, in Paris I had 10 per day for 3 or 4 days. You get into the rhythm, it’s kind of cool because you don’t have time to get bored - you’re too busy!

You know other people doing the castings?

Yes, because it’s my third season in Paris, it’s good because I know quite a few people, we hang out together, it’s fun. If I don’t see anyone I know, I normally watch Netflix on my phone! I really like Archer at the minute, it’s a cartoon that’s kind of fun. Watching cartoons is a good way to relax and that way, you’ve got a smile on your face!

How are you finding getting around London?

Before I came, I wasn’t looking forward to it, I thought I might get lost! But I have tried to be organised, I make sure I go to the castings that are in the same part of town, and then I go to the next place. I haven’t got lost yet! I’m staying in a hostel right next to the agency, it’s really easy! London is really nice, I would love to come and hang out here. People are really nice here. The only problem is that the cars drive on the other side of the road from Paris. When I’m crossing the street, sometimes I think they’re on the wrong side, but actually, it’s me who is on the wrong side!

What have you done since the Elite Model Look competition?

In Paris, I have done Dior, Valentino, Wooyungmi and APC. This season in London, I did the London College of Fashion show. It was really good, there was a nice atmosphere there. The problem was that I had a necklace but I broke it when I was getting changed too quick! I was taking something off backstage and I caught it, and suddenly it went flying! This is the life of a model, unfortunately! I never thought I’d have done so much since I only competed in Elite Model Look in 2015. I’m super happy. To be a model is a really good job!

What do you do to relax?

I see my friends, I play a bit of video games, I read, I look after myself. At the minute, I am in the process of moving to Paris with my sister. She is a hair stylist for David Mallett, and we are looking to move in together. I live in Rennes at the minute, I am from Normandy, near the sea, with the wind and the wild weather! But Paris will be great for work. If I wasn’t a model, I want to study 3D animation for video games, and all the best schools are in Paris. We are very close - she is 22, her name is Alexie. I love her very much, she’s my hero!

What is your advice to people who apply to EML?

Stay as simple as possible, the most natural version of yourself as you can, don’t come with loads of makeup on. Be nice! And either it works or it doesn’t, but don’t worry about it too much. I didn’t win the French final but I’m still working now! For me, there was castings in Rennes and my sister encouraged me to apply, and I thought why not!

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