Fashion Week Files: Kalam Horlick

Kalam Horlick's unique, punk rock look has made him model of choice for Alexander McQueen for a third season running. Last week, at men's week in Paris, he walked in the shows during Paris men's fashion week for the first time. We caught up with him on all the action.

How did you get scouted?

I was scouted at Boardmasters, a music festival in England. I didn’t know that being scouted at festivals was a thing, I thought it was a joke at first, I was like, ‘No, why, what are you doing?’ I’d have just turned sixteen at the time, but now I know festivals are actually a massive way for models to be scouted. I didn’t think a messy venue would be the place to scout boys and girls but apparently it’s a good spot.

Last week, you walked for Lanvin, Haider Ackermann and Commes des Garcons in Paris - how was that?

My first season in Paris was a massive success, in my books. The Lanvin team are so spectacular, I was in working for them two days in a row prior to the show which developed our bond, jokes were being thrown around, so it’s a real ease to work with them. Haider Ackermann, yet again, they had amazing and supportive teams, making everyone feel welcome. To top it off, Haider was backstage, which was a total unexpected shock and quite funny to realise I was inches away from him. Looking back I definitely should have asked him for a picture. Comme des Garcons made me look like a disco ball, covering my hair in glitter, which was a first for me, but I highly enjoyed it. The lookbook is being released soon so overall I’d say it’s been a successful fashion week and I’m glad to be back home to recover and get rid of this cold that I caught in Paris!

What are your tricks to survive at castings?

Try not to take yourself too seriously. There’s a bunch of other boys there too so don’t be too competitive because you’ll make enemies more so than friends. You get asked by the casting crew to do certain things and if they like what you did then they like you, onto the next person!  I’ll talk to people if they’re feeling sociable, or I have my headphones so I tend to listen to music on my phone. I watch YouTube videos on my phone, but I don’t really use social media. Oh, and try not to be ill, that just makes things ten times harder! 

What kind of shows do you like doing?

I love the McQueen shows, because of the outfits and because of the team! The team just aren’t stressful or panicky, which always helps, as the models can be on edge. I enjoy shows that are a bit crazy in outfits, more experimental, vibrant colours, crazy jewellry and go-all-out hairstyles. Craig Green stands out and makes a good show too!

What was the best moment of Paris fashion week this season?

At Haider Ackerman, Usher was backstage which was a total unexpected shock and quite funny to realise I was inches away from him without even noticing until one of the other models pointed it out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling fan-girl enough to ask for a picture but looking back I definitely should have! I worked on another lookbook that’s being released soon, which will be cool. Overall I’d say it’s been a successful fashion week and I’m glad I’m back home to recover and get rid of this cold that I’ve caught in Paris!

Alexander McQueen was the first show you walked in - and you have done their lookbook both last season and now for Spring/Summer 2017. What was it like this time?

It’s always a treat shooting with the McQueen team, it’s the same great guys and girls every time so we’ve formed a bond which makes it easier and more comfortable to shoot. It’s a pleasure every time!

How do you relax during fashion week?

I tend to hang out in parks because it reminds me of being at home in Swansea. I’m not a fan of traffic, noise and sirens so quiet places to walk along a river reminds me of Wales, it’s relaxing. I also enjoy being with friends and I like a bit of a game room, Counter-Strike is my favourite!

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