Volunteering With The Scouts With Anna Baynes

Anna Baynes is a model with Elite London. When she’s not modelling, she spends an evening a week volunteering with the Scouts. We got talking to Anna about what skills being a Scout develops, what she loves about it and how she balances volunterring with model life.

How old were you when you started being a Girl Scout?

I didn’t join the Scouts until I was 12 - Scouts go from 10-14 so this was a bit later than most people!

Photo © Fabian Blaschke

Now you’re a Scout leader – what do you do?

Basically I help run evenings. We run a particular activity for each evening, and help make sure everything goes OK!

Photo © Fabian Blaschke

How often do you take part?

I volunteer once a week for two hours on a Wednesday at the 30th Reigate. We also go on a summer camp for a week once a year and there are often other camps and events throughout the year.

Photo © Fabian Blaschke

Why do you like doing it?

The people mainly. I have made some of my closest friends through Scouting. I have been volunteering for a couple of years now so have seen lots of the scouts grow up as well.

Photo © Fabian Blaschke

What are the challenges?

The most difficult thing is mainly being able to get to the evenings, it’s starts at 7pm so it’s a rush to get home if I’ve been in London. I also can’t go when I’m away!

Photo © Fabian Blaschke

The Scouts is quite an old tradition in many countries, including the UK! Are they modernizing at all?

Yeah it’s been going over 100 years! Well it used to be just boys but now girls can take part too - so yes they are definitely modernizing! They also introduce and change badges frequently to try and keep it updated. But the basic ideas of Scouting haven’t really changed over the years. It’s about getting outside and learning practical life skills.

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