Henrike From Germany: Meet The Winner 2017

National Winners 2017 July 19
Germany have named their Girl Winner for 2017! From Frankfurt in the west of Germany, Henrike loves dancing, Taylor Swift and puppies. Meet her below!

Full name:  Henrike Dietershagen

Star sign: Libra

Hometown: Frankfurt, Germany

Follow me: @henrikedietershagen

What is your favourite…

Song: Unconditionally by Katy Perry

Animal: Dogs – especially puppies!

Colour: Blue

Sport: It’s difficult to decide… I like tennis, dancing, basketball, skiing.

Singer: Taylor Swift

Vacation destination:  USA! I want to visit big cities like New York.

Quote: Live every moment, laugh every day, love beyond words

Chocolate: Is this a trick question!? I would have to say milk!

Film: Twilight, but the book is better!

Choose one….

Pizza or Ibiza? Ibiza

Leather shorts or demin cutoffs? Denim cutoffs

Las Vegas or Los Angeles? Los Angeles

Sports car or SUV? SUV… I am too afraid of driving fast

Cowboy or alien? A cowboy looks so tough and strong!

DJ or PJs? DJ – I love dancing

Motorbike or magic carpet? Magic carpet

Hot fudge or melted caramel? I can’t decide!

How did you hear about Elite Model Look?

I found it on Youtube! I loved my first shoot.

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