How To Use A Curler

Beachy waves, tight curls, or an extra flick in your hair - curlers can be versatile tools if you know exactly how to use them. But do you know how to get the most out of yours? In the latest of our series of beauty tutorials, we share the top model tips on how to make magic with your curling tong.

No moisture

Dry your hair completely prior to curling, whether it is blow-dried or naturally air dried. Residual water will heat up and may damage your hair. After drying, comb or brush your hair to smooth it out. This will ensure your hair curls in an even way.

Curler ABC

The best tip for beginners is to use a curler with a clamp spring handle like the Rowenta for Elite Model Look curling tong. The curler is made with a Keratin and Tourmaline coating which will bring shine through the natural static-reducing effect of Tourmaline.


To curl your hair, it is essential you work in sections. This will allow you to see exactly what you are doing as you work through. Grip the curler by the handle with one hand and put the end of the strand under the clamp at the point nearest the handle. With your other hand on the cool tip, roll the strand inward until the hair is curled around the barrel. 


Wait for up to 10 seconds, then open the clamp and release the curl. For longer lasting results, gently clip back the curl with a pin. Repeat the technique throughout the hair and release your curls once your hair has cooled down.

Shake it off

 Finish off by running your fingers through your hair at the end to loosen everything up. Add a touch of hairspay for a longer hold. Voilà!

Last but not least

Don’t over do it - remember that less is more. Before leaving the house, don’t be afraid to brush out the look. You want your hair to look like it’s been ‘touched’  and not overdone. Good luck!

Proceed with caution

If your hair is sensitive, you can use a thermal protection spay before you start curling. Protection sprays will also help hold your style in place later.

Effortless waves

Natural undone curls are cool and effortless to wear and easy to achieve. Take a small section of hair, wrap around the barrel for 5 seconds, then let the curl drop and continue with another strand. Finish off by running your fingers through your hair at the end to loosen everything up, or using a wide-tooth comb for a vampy waves look. Voilà!

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