How To Style Your Hair For A Casting

To attend a model casting, it's best to arrive with clean hair that's stylish but natural to your hair type. Casting directors and agents agree that this gives them the most honest picture of you, and will allow them to cast you for the right job. Here, we compiled their tips with expert hair advice to give you the ultimate guide to looking your best for landing the best booking you can.

If you have dry hair...

Before the casting: Use a leave in conditioner or hair oil. Add liberally to the hair when it is damp to get the best results. Twist the natural curls around your finger then let drop so it holds the natural form. Use a Rowenta for Elite Model Look hair dryer on low air flow, low temperature to get smooth, shiny hair. The hairdryer is built with an exclusive blend of pro-protein Keratine and mineral Tourmaline, ensuring shiny, anti-static finish every time. Do not use a high heat setting as it will encourage the hair to frizz.

If you have oily hair...

Wave the hair with a Rowenta for Elite Model Look curling iron or straighten with a Rowenta for Elite Model Look Optiliss straightener. The Optiliss straightener is built with floating plate technology to ensure a smooth wave when used to curl. Finish with a dry shampoo in the roots to control and absorb the oil that will come through the day.

Avoid over-exercising your scalp!

With oily hair, try not to get in the habit of washing the hair every day. This will only cause the scalp to go into overdrive and produce even more oil. The less you wash your hair the less oily it will actually become over time! Instead, start by using a mild but deep-cleansing shampoo. Do not add products with oils or moisturizers to the roots. Opt instead for matte control creams that will give shape and hold. 

If you have fine hair...

Before your big day,  apply surf sprays and volumising products like mousse. Add lots of these to the roots then blow dry your hair with the Rowenta for Elite Model Look hairdryer. As you dry, keep your head tilted upside down to maximize the volume, blowing into the roots. Next, curl the hair with a Rowenta for Elite Model Look curling iron to give a soft wave that will expand the hair - curling with tongs gives maximum volume. For more on how to use your curler, click here.

Hydration is key!

Dry hair should be maintained in the long term to stay healthy. Treat your hair with moisturizing products or deep conditioning masks.

If you have coloured hair...

Start with moisturisers and products with UV protection. The sun can cause hair colour to fade. Next, apply a soft volumiser, rough blowdry with the Rowenta for Elite Model Look dryer, softly add natural wave with a curling iron or Optiliss straightener, polish ends off with a creme. The Optiliss straightener is built with adjustable temperature, allowing you to choose a heat which will style your hair with precision while preserving your hair's bright colour.

Dream big

Fine hair is delicate and needs movement to create volume, so it is best to approach straighteners with care. Use the Rowenta for Elite Model Look hairdryer or air brush to create volume and a Rowenta for Elite Model Look curling iron for waves with the biggest impact.

Stay bright

Whether you're a bottle blonde or dye your locks jet black, coloured hair should be treated with the utmost care. Be gentle, don't over use heat tools and take advantage of moisturizing products.

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