How To Use A Hairdryer

If you think hairdryers are only used for making wet hair dry, think again. With the right know-how, you can also use them to style your hair. With these hot tips, we show you how to get the most from your hair dryer.

Before you begin

Before you begin using the hairdryer to style, rough dry your hair so it is 80% dry. Focus on the top of your head first. For an easy way to add volume, bend over so your head is turned upside down and blast the hair dryer right at your roots.

For big volume

Run a styling mousse through your fingers and massage gently into roots before drying. This creates a volumised crown that gives any hairstyle a great starting point. Section your hair into four or six manageable sections, clipping all except the first section to begin.

For straight hair

To create smooth, sleek locks, attach the concentrator nozzle and aim the air down the hair, away from the scalp. All Rowenta for Elite Model Look hairdryers are equipped with a concentrator nozzle (as seen above) - including the compact Moveling version. This travel-friendly version is light and easy to pack, making it the perfect thing for busy models on the go.

For natural volume on curly hair

On the Rowenta for Elite Model Look Infini Pro and Signature Pro for Elite Model Look hairdryers, use the diffuser attachment to create textured curls. Take segments of the hair and roll loosely. Lay the segment in the diffuser and gently blow dry.

For waves

For waves, brush a section of hair while curling the brush with your hand and pull gently in a downward motion from roots to ends. Remember, don’t rush! Taking smaller, manageable sections are easier to style, giving you greater control.

Which brush?

For a more natural look, use a bristle brush. Using a hollow ceramic brush gives hair more volume as hot air travels through them.

To finish

Rowenta for Elite Model Look hair dryers are fitted with a button to switch the heat to cool air. To finish any style, hold this button while the hairdryer is on for at least a minute. This sets your style, giving it a natural bounce.

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