Winners 2016: How Were You Discovered?

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Models always remember the day they decided to get into the fashion industry, there's lots of ways to apply to Elite Model Look. You can attend one of our live castings happening right now around the world, or you can be discovered by one of our scouts. Of course you can also apply via our website - just hit Participate to take part in Elite Model Look 2017. Below, find out how the Top 15 from Elite Model Look 2016 first decided to compete and win a top modelling contract from the world's most prestigious agency. 

Jana, Czech Republic

One day my friend persuaded me to join the Elite Model Look casting. We went there just for fun. One month later a letter came that I was chosen to take a part in the semi-final. At the beginning I thought it is a joke, but it was not and I am really happy that my friend persuaded me to try it.

Davidson, Nigeria

It was about this time last year I was scouted on Instagram by my mother agency to shoot for a campaign for a designer - that was my first ever shoot! I was a new face and then they told me to apply for the EML 2016 competition. I went on to win in Nigeria and then won the overall winner in the world finals!

Zara, Portugal

I contacted Elite Lisbon online because I always wanted to do modelling. They then suggested that I enter the 2016 contest. I’m so glad I did because after that I won the national final and then I went through to the world final!

Alina, Ukraine

Because of a war in my home city, my family and I have moved to Czech Republic. I saw an advert for the Elite Model Look casting online. Thanks to Czechoslovak Director, Sasha Jany and all of the Elite team, I got the opportunity to represent my own country, Ukraine, in Elite Model Look World Final. It was really a big surprise for me!

Anders, Denmark

My brother was already a part of Elite, so I went with him to the agency one day and the agents at Elite Copenhagen asked if they could take some pictures of me. A couple of weeks later I got a call and was asked if I would like to participate in the Elite Model Look 2016 competition - and I got through!

Lucca K, Denmark

I was scouted by Elite Copenhagen when I was 13. When I turned 15, Elite Copenhagen called me and told me about the competition and urged me to sign up. The Danish final was really informal; we were 5 girls and 5 boys. We had to walk a catwalk and we were interviewed by a woman from Elite London. I didn’t expect to win at all, because everyone deserved to win. When I won I was very happy and fortunately all the other contestants also won a contract with Elite Copenhagen.

Jesper, Sweden

I was scouted on the streets when I was with my girlfriend at a concert! Some people from Elite Stockholm asked if they could take a picture of me and gave me their contact cards and I called - and after that I was in!

Freja, Sweden

I was shopping with my friends in Stockholm when there were two modelling agencies who scouted me on the same day. One of them were Elite Stockholm so I booked a meeting with them and one thing led to the other and I signed with them and represented Sweden at the world final in Lisbon. At first I was unsure of what it was but it sounded great and when I looked it up I couldn't believe it! I felt so thankful, I didn't really get what was happening and the next thing I knew I was stood there in Lisbon.

Lizzie, United States

It's a bit different for the USA winner; there isn't a competition in the same way the other countries have. Kwok Chan at The Society met with me, took pictures, told me about the competition and then I was chosen to be the USA representative. When he was describing the EML contest to me I felt very fortunate and so happy! The first thing I thought about was the new friends I would make and the amazing experience it would be!

Joyce, Netherlands

In April 2016 I was in Amsterdam with two friends shopping and we were standing on the street, searching on our phones for a store where we wanted to go when suddenly someone touched my shoulder - it was the agency, Elite Amsterdam. They asked me if I wanted to join the Elite Model Look contest of 2016, so I did and I think one month after I was scouted I won for the Netherlands! It basically changed my life - a completely different world!

Cosima, Belgium

After being scouted several times, my father asked a friend who knows the fashion world, for information about modelling. She suggested to send some pictures to a friend at Elite Paris. After seeing the pictures they wanted to send me right a way to Lisbon to represent Belgium in the contest.

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