Jana Dačović Makes History As Eml's First National Influencer Winner

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For 2019, EML are not just looking for models  - we are searching for the next generation of Influencer too! To be a top model, numbers on social media are more important than ever. What’s more, having a huge social following online is now considered a type of superstar in its own right. As well as Model Winners from EML around the world, the EML World Final will include Influencer Winners who will compete for a top contract with Elite Model World.

Serbia is the first country to announce their Influencer Winner - Jana Dačović, who has over 1 million followers across her Instagram and Youtube channel. She has been filming herself since before she even went to school – she shares how the game has changed since she began, the equipment she can’t live without and why offline life always comes first. 

I am so happy and honored to be the first ever Influencer Winner for Serbia!

I think that digital world is only going to get bigger and bigger and I think we can expect a lot of great EML Influencer competitions in future, but there is always something special and different about the first time. People will always look back at the first winner and I am truly blessed that it is me! I cannot wait to meet new people and learn more about this amazing industry.

My style is always evolving

It was not the same year ago and it probably won’t be the same in years to come. I always liked aesthetically pleasing pictures with nice background and outfit that matches. I try to post nice pictures that have a lot of attention to detail. I would describe my style as elegant and sophisticated, rather than sporty. But that’s how I think of myself… let’s see if the judges at EML agree!

I still have home movies I made when I was 3 years old...

I filmed myself talking about my toys and stuff I like. Little did I know back then that it would become my job! I don’t think Youtube existed back then, but I filmed videos everyday. When I first discovered Youtube when I was 13, I watched beauty and fashion videos all day everyday, I decided to try it for myself. I noticed that there were only two or three girls posting videos on Youtube in Serbia, so I wanted to film in Serbian, not English, which was the best decision since it gave me so many opportunities in my home country! I was never scared or insecure to post videos even though I went to school in a small town. It always felt right to be in front of the camera!

Good equipment helps… but it’s not the most important thing!

When I take videos, I use my professional and big camera – it’s so heavy! But for pictures, I have something easier that I can put in any bag and take out any time if I see a good photo opportunity. It is a small and compact camera which still has amazing quality. I used to use a phone app, but in the past few months, I decided that it is time to step up my game and use Photoshop and Lightroom. But I think professional cameras and softwares are not the key to good Instagram photos. It is more important to be creative and different. Equipment is only a bonus!

Never stay still!

I started my online journey when I was only 15. Now I am 20. I think everyone change and grows during that period of time, and I certainly have. My content is different, I used to film funny and 'do it yourself' videos. Now I prefer shooting videos where I talk about certain topic or even better vlogs. I love to travel and I always bring the small camera (the one I talked to you about) with me. I understand that a lot of people don’t have ability to travel so I like to film travel vlogs as much as I can. It is advantage of Internet, to see and hear about stuff and places you've ever been to. My audience is growing as well, and they changed, so I am happy that we are all growing together and changing our interests!

There's nothing like meeting my fans in real life!

At the beginning, I was inspired by other influencers and my love for videos and photography. Now I am inspired by my followers. Yesterday, I had meet up in a country next to Serbia and so many of them came, we talked and had amazing time. Seeing numbers online is one thing, but having interaction with them in person is something else. It really motivates me and pushes me to do better and be better than yesterday! I live in a relatively small country and having this number of followers in some other country might be a little, but here it is beyond my wildest dreams and I never thought so many people from Balkan would support me. It gives me strength and inspiration!

I really love the feedback I get online

When I have some ‘’problems’’ I can always ask my audience and we can exchange our experiences. That stands for them as well, if they have any concern, they can just DM me and I am happy to try and help! Other than that, I like that it allows me to be creative and do what I love. Yes, it is my job, but it does not feel like it. I am creative person, I got that from my parents. It helps me and fills me with passion.

I am looking forward to fullfill dreams of a little girl that spent her childhood in front of the camera!

Youtube has helped me with that, and I will continue to pursue it for a very long time. But being part of EML will bring that to a much professional and serious level. I never dreamed of being YouTuber or a model… My dream was never clear, but I always knew that I wanted to be near cameras. I look forward to meeting people similar to me, people that love this kind of creative work. I want to talk to them, exchange our thoughts and stories. I want to hear about their passion and get inspired by it. Just like I want to be inspired, I want to inspire and share my passion and dedication to others. I hope that this is new journey for me and I am glad that EML is my next chapter!

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