Lizzie Swanson: How To Protest Against Climate Change

Model Activism EML USA
Lizzie Swanson landed a place in the Top 15 at the EML World Final in 2016 representing the USA. She hails from New York. Today, she is a model with Elite Model Management worldwide, walking for the likes of Valentino at Paris Fashion Week. She is also deeply passionate about the world around her, and fully supports the climate strikes by school students inspired by the actions of Greta Thunberg. She shares her thoughts below on who is really making a difference.

I think the movement to stop climate change is way overdue!

It's both frustrating and energising to be young today. Too often, our voices are drowned out by those who say we are too young to understand. But ironically, we will have to fix the mistakes of older generations who didn't know better! At the same time, it’s exciting that young people are taking action. We are a socially aware, tolerant generation. The fact that it is starting from an act of commitment by a 15-year-old shows how much this current generation is demanding change, and will only be heard through collective action and with a unified voice.

Education is important - but demonstrating for the future is even more urgent!

To criticize students for taking part in a global protest to protect our planet rather than be in a classroom for one day is ridiculous. Education is obviously very important, but learning about the extent of the damage to the environment has inspired a generation. Knowledge without action helps no one.  This strike is shows education matters!

To all the kids who are on strike, I want them to know that they are the leaders

Rather than leaving the responsibilities to future generations, they are the ones demanding change for a better future for generations to come. I want them to know how powerful their voices are, regardless of age. Unfortunately, many of those in power today are taking steps in the wrong direction. The protestors are the concerned youth who will better this Earth rather than add to the destruction.

There are some really inspiring people in the movement

One of the most incredible photographers, JR, is a huge inspiration for and promotor of social good. He has taken part in spreading awareness through his work for countless causes.


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