Lola Pierré | 37th Elite Model Look Winner Interview

Lola Pierré is a college student from Brittany, France.  Her natural beauty and modesty helped her convince the judges to crown her a Winner of the Model category.

How does it feel to have won the 37th elite model look world final?

A lot of emotion. At first, I didn't realize and I wondered 'why me?'. And then I realized what was happening to me and I was jumping everywhere. I'm very moved to have this chance.

Photo © Lola Pierré on Instagram

What was your favourite moment from the contest?

I think my favorite moment was meeting Jasmine Sanders because she gives a lot of good vibes and the model bootcamp because we were all able to share the same moment.

Who was the first person you told when you won?

My mother but she was listening at the door so I didn't really have to tell her.

How did you celebrate?

Very simply with my family and my friends.

How did you first hear about elite model look?

I knew about Elite because when I was young I bought all my hair accessories from this brand and then I became aware of the competition last year.  

Were you scouted, or did you apply online

I applied online. 

Photo © Lola Pierré on Instagram

In the contest, you told us you can be anxious. Did you learn anything about overcoming anxiety from your mentor jasmine sanders?

Yes, I learned to be myself and to do what looks like me, to stay who I was, to have confidence in myself. 

What do you most look forward to in your career?

I can't wait to learn, to meet people and to discover the modelling world which is completely new to me.

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