Campaign 2017: Behind The Scenes With Photographer Luc Braquet

Fashion photographer Luc Braquet has been working at the Elite Model Look World Final every year since 2014, taking the Finalists' portraits at the bootcamp, and shooting the Top 15 after their win. This year, he shot the Winners of the 2016 World Final on a beach in Lisbon for the Elite Model Look 2017 campaign. We caught up with him to discuss the photoshoot on the windy beach in Portugal, seeing the Finalists blossom into models and his advice to you if you are applying to Elite Model Look 2017.

Tell us about shooting the campaign. What was it like?

It was great and we achieved a great outcome for the 15 models who were in it. It was their first real shooting and their first real job, in a way. We did a great shoot at the beach. The power of nature gave it a nice atmosphere that we could work with. The day was intense for them. They had to stay focused and concentrate on two main photoshoots and a video shoot. There was definitely no time for sand castles!

What was the mood like on set?

It wasn’t that cold and I asked them to run, dance and jump so they were constantly moving and keeping warm throughout the shoot. And they were all so happy to shoot this campaign together, the weather wasn’t really on their mind.

You shot all of these models during the World Final bootcamp - what was it like to work with these models who you had already got to know through the week?

It was the day after for us but the first day of their new life for them. After a briefing about the global meaning of the campaign, they felt like they wanted to make us and themselves proud with all the work we were about to do.

What does Elite Model Look mean to you?

Each year of Elite Model Look is a portrait of a new generation of models. For me, it is about building the new faces of now, inspired by icons from the past, and to make them the top models of the future. My advice to people applying this year is: Be yourself, always. And enjoy every second of it.

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