Meet The Istituto Marangoni X Eml Challenge Winners!

EML Italy
This year, EML Italy collaborated with the prestigious fashion school Istituto Marangoni to create a challenge for students on the MA Fashion Promotion Communication and New Media course. They were asked to come up with some digital innovations for the new EML Italy 2019 campaign. The work was judged by a panel of staff from both EML and IM. The submissions were brilliant, but after deliberation, the judges felt that Beatriz Santé, Rafaella de Guzman and Melissa Gargiullo's entry was the closest to the original brief and had some brilliantly creative ideas that showed understanding and skill of the field. Well done, team!

Congratulations on winning the EML x IM challenge! What was it like to work on the challenge?

BEATRIZ SANTÉ: We were a bit nervous because it was the first industry project we have done, but it really helped that we were working in teams.. The fact that it was a real project really challenged us to be creative, we had to “think bigger” because our ideas could be actually developed and carried out in the future, so it was a really nice experience!


RAFAELLA DE GUZMAN: It was very interesting to look at an existing company and try to come up with original creative ideas that they could use.


MELISSA GARGIULLO: It really interesting! I learned more about Elite Model Look and I was able to express my creativity through finding ways to increase EML’s visibility and the creation of digital challenges. 

You are students on the MA Fashion Promotion Communication and New Media. What attracted you to this course?

BEATRIZ: I studied business majoring in Marketing and Communication at university. I really enjoyed it and wanted to study more, and have always been interested in fashion, so it was the perfect combination!


RAFAELLA: After doing an internship in New York at a PR agency I fell in love with the job and decided it was what I wanted to do with my life. I already have a BFA in Fashion Marketing and Management, but I wanted to learn about communication in more detail. In the future, I would love to work in PR with brands to communicate their values.


MELISSA: I’ve always been interested in the way luxury fashion brands communicate, and I love how it has changed so much over the years but keeps evolving. Studying something I love so much is a pure joy! I have to thank my family, who supported me and participated in transforming my dreams into reality. In future, I’d like to take my experience back to my home country, Switzerland, and work in digital communication.

What was it like to adapt what you have learned for an industry challenge?

BEATRIZ: When doing a project like this, we have to think with not just about what we have learnt theoretically but also about what we know as consumers. It is all about having a whole perspective and being creative!


RAFAELLA: I think that hardest part is coming up with ideas that the company could execute. It is super different putting the things that you learn in a classroom into practice for a real company!


MELISSA: It was a challenge, but I also found it empowering to put what we have learned into practice. Learning in the classroom means it can feel a bit removed from real life, but putting it into practice for a real company with a definite goal, I really appreciate that what we are doing in class is preparing us for the next step: the working world! 

What do you enjoy most about your course?

BEATRIZ: We learn by doing. Every week to have to face different projects and even if it is tiring, it is the only way of properly learning, as it gets us to think! In future, I want to do something related to PR and communication for a brand, or an advertising agency.


RAFAELLA: I really like the course because we get to learn about different aspects of the fashion industry, from styling to brand management. It merges the creative aspect but also the business aspect of the industry. I love having the opportunity to work with people that come from different countries as well as different studies.


MELISSA: What I enjoy the most is how many different lessons we have and how many fields we get to study. We pass from PR to journalism and even have fashion styling lessons. This enables me to be fully prepared for what’s to come and have a broad knowledge of the industry.

What are the challenges of your course?

BEATRIZ: The challenges depend on the different projects we do, but we always want to be creative and do our best. We always have to differentiate our work from the rest of the class, and discover what we do best!


RAFAELLA: One challenge is working in teams, being able to combine everyone’s different ideas and deciding on with the best option. But I also see it as an opportunity since you get to hear and understand the different ideas and reasons behind them,to think outside the box, to be creative, and to do our best. Plus, all my classmates are amazing, and it is also cool to have the possibility to learn from them!


MELISSA: This course mostly challenges my creativity! I hope that this course has helped me to grow, and I look forward to using this experience in future. One day, I hope to set up my own business!

What advice do you have for someone who wants to study in fashion?

BEATRIZ: never stop learning, and be patient!


RAFAELLA: everything is a process and you will fall and learn from it, but at the end you will get there and do what makes you happy.


MELISSA: Make sure you know the industry; designer’s names, fashion weeks dates, influencers and models. Build your portfolio before and during your studies. Finally, prepare to be challenged, it is highly competitive, so know your value, believe in yourself, and keep smiling!