Meet The Winners | Elite Model Look 2022

After thousands of applications were narrowed down to 30 Finalists, the 2 Winners of Elite Model Look 2022 have finally been chosen. Scroll down to meet Majda John Peter and Sergi Shan who have been chosen to win a global model contract with Elite Model Management.

Majda, South Sudan

FOLLOW ME: @majdajohnpeter 

WHAT SONG MOTIVATES YOU? “I Was Here” by Beyonce  

WHAT ARE YOUR HOBBIES? I am passionate about singing, dancing and modelling. 

WHAT IS YOUR COUNTRY FAMOUS FOR? My Country South Sudan is famous for having the most beautiful dark skinned strong women that are dominating the fashion industry worldwide using their talents as fashion models to create change! 

WHO DO YOU ADMIRE? My big brother Kim, my mother and my mother agent are my rocks because they have been there for me through it all. 

WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO IN LIFE? No fear, no weakness! 

Sergi, Spain

FOLLOW ME: @sergi.shan 

WHAT SONG MOTIVATES YOU? “A Town Called Malice” by the Jam – it's a banger of a song, totally otherworldly 

WHAT ARE YOUR HOBBIES? I have been watching films since day 1, this is my all time favourite hobby. I would almost call it a borderline obsessive passion. I have been watching movies from all over the world, from all through time. I also love Chinese history, a fascinating and cruel history. From time to time I like playing the guitar, dancing, cooking, singing and sometimes all of them at once! 

WHAT IS YOUR COUNTRY FAMOUS FOR? Paella, sangria, easy going life, delicious food. We’re famous for fiesta and siesta. And we’re famous for attracting loads of retired English and German citizens because of our beautiful beaches 

WHO DO YOU ADMIRE? My family and friends. My mother and grandmother for their rags to riches story, my sister and my best friends and any other person I hold dear to 

WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO IN LIFE? I took my motto in life from a movie called This Is Spinal Tap where this guy at the end of the credits scene, and this describes my philosophy perfectly: “Have a good time all the time” 

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