Mustafa Dawood: From Elite Model Look World Final In Milan To Milan Fashion Week

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In November last year, Mustafa Dawood came to Milan to compete at the Elite Model Look World Final 2017, representing India. In February, he returned for Milan Fashion Week, walking for designers Angel Chen and Antonio Marras. Currently in Milan on stay, we caught up with him to find out what inspires him to succeed.

Who or what inspires you to follow your dream?

I took part in Elite Model Look India in 2016 but was not selected, and then I tried again in 2017 and I won from India for 2017. I didn’t make the Top 15 but I didn't lose the drive and determination to succeed, and I won the People’s Choice. My dad always been my hero and supports me whether I win or lose. He always told me that winner is not always successful first time, but the one who falls and gets up back every time. A real winner who keeps working hard for their goals will be successful one day.

What was your favourite moment at Milan Fashion Week?

I did Milan Fashion Week this season and it was amazing.  My favourite moment was when I was on the runway, I felt like this is the place I belong, and I always wanted to be!

You have been in Milan on stay for a month now – what have you been getting up to?

After I did fashion week, I did an editorial for Gucci in Dust magazine and Kiev for Dazed Digital. I'm really enjoying it here and even met some people for Elite Model Look as well, and I shared rooms with Benjamin Aston and Jesper from Sweden. 

How did it feel to be part of Milan Fashion Week after you competed in Elite Model Look in Milan?

Since I did the Elite Model Look World Final, now I feel like modeling is not just a competition, it’s my profession. I'm looking forward to going even further in the next few years. I was not nervous in the shows because Elite Model Look was really good training. I totally felt like I'm a professional model and I felt confident in what I was doing.

Apart from modelling, what are you passionate about?

I love fashion blogging and photography. I am about to start a blog, it will be about street style and backstage model content.


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