My Favourite Fashion Trends With Alexandra Micu

Alexandra Micu participated in Elite Model Look in Romania in 2014, winning a Top 15 place in Shenzen, China. Since then, she’s walked in the Louis Vuitton show in Paris and in Sao Paolo, and shot the Chloé lookbook.

She’s a keen fashion fan, and loves to learn about different fashion trends evolving over the time. “I find it interesting because as a model it is nice to see how different the clothes were before or who were the ones who influence the collections that we see nowadays,” she explains. “I became interested in it when I started having shootings and castings and when I started meeting other people from the industry.”

"My top 3 trends from the past that I love would be: grunge, glam rock and punk." Scroll down to learn more!

1. Grunge

The look: disheveled knee ripped jeans, flannel, oversize sweaters, ripped denim, overalls and mixed textures and colors.

Grunge influencers

Kurt Cobain(Nirvana), Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Godsmack, Stone Temple Pilots.

I love this style because....

Grunge is the most effortless of them all, definitely the most comfortable, you can put literally anything on you that's next to your bed in the morning so is definitely the coolest style of all time.

2. Glam rock

The look: gender bender outfits, big tousled hair for males, striped patterns, thick makeup, studs and crystals, accessorise edgy designs of leather jackets, spandex, spikes, platform shoes or glittery boots, metallics, corsets.

Glam rock influencers

David Bowie, Marilyn Manson, Kiss, Queen, Poison, Mötley Crüe, Alice Cooper.

I love this style because...

Glam rock is really powerful and bold, those clothes are giving you a special kind of confidence and you're definitely about to stand out of the crowd as soon as you dress like this.

3. Punk

The look: Mohawk hair, studded leather jackets, piercings and tattoos, Dr. Martens boots, motorcycle boots, combat boots, bandanas, chains or studded leather bands, jeans, sometimes dirty or torn; leather skirts, heavy chains used as belts, bullet belts, studded belts

Punk influencers

Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Black Flag, Misfits, Bad Religion.

I love this look because…

Punk is super bold and unique, and as all the other styles, has the "I don't give a damn attitude". Punk is never gonna die for sure!

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