My First Fashion Week With Ali Dansky

Ali Dansky competed in Elite Model Look representing the United States in 2022. At the World Final in Prague, she won a model contract with Elite Model Management and our New York sister agency The Society.

This season, she launched in a semi-exclusive at the Bottega Veneta show in Milan, before going on to close for Christian Dior and Givenchy; and walk for Marni, Hermes and Stella McCartney.

She was named one of the Top Newcomers of the season by model database and news platform

Catch up on what it was like below.

This was your first major season at fashion week! What was it like to walk your very first show since the World Final - at Bottega in Milan?

Since this was my very first fashion week season, walking my very first show was so amazing! I will say it was everything I have imagined a fashion show to be like. I can still remember exactly  what was going through my head before I got onto the runway. It was a surreal moment, the team for Bottega was so amazing, and I am so grateful I got to debut for them, I didn’t think my debut could have gone better than it did. 

What was your favourite moment during Milan fashion week?

My favourite moment during fashion week would be meeting as many amazing people as I did, and it was so much fun to even be able to walk shows with all the friends I’ve made during fashion month. 

Did you see anyone that you met during Elite Model Look?

Not only did I see other models that participated in Elite Model Look, I ended up walking many of the same shows with them, and the ones I wasn’t able to see, we still cheered each other on over Instagram. 

Where did you stay during Milan Fashion Week?

I ended up staying with one of my friends from New York during my time in Milan, in the cutest hotel ever, it was also great to stay with someone I knew because it was my first time in Italy. 

What songs got you through the week?

During fashion week I had many of my playlist on repeat, but some stand out songs for me was my afro-beats playlist, because thats the best type of music to listen to when you need to keep your energy up during such a busy time. 

What do you think you might do differently next time?

Even though I don't think I could have had a better debut season since it was so amazing, if i could do anything differently it would be to bring lots of band aids :) for my feet!

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