My Haute Couture Spring Summer 2016

Fashion Feb 3
Haute couture is generally seen as the highest form fashion. Individual pieces can take hundreds of hours to produce by hand, using the most intricate techniques, and demand the highest prices. Scroll down to see how our girls saw it - and were seen - on social media.

Photo © Camille Hurel via Instagram

Estelle Chen and Camille Hurel

@camhrl and @chen_estelle rocked tiaras after the after the @eliesaabworld show

Photo © Le Mot & La Chose via Instagram

Ysaunny Brito

@ysaunnybrito drinks up backstage at @alexandrevauthier

Photo © Irina Djuranovic via Instagram

Bara Podzimkova, Irina Djuranovic and Estelle Chen

@barborapodzimkova, @irinadjuranovic and @chen_estelle say cheese at the Eiffel Tower

Photo © Adriano Cisani via Instagram

Greta Varlese

@greta_varlese is snapped between jobs with fellow show girls

Photo © Manuela Frey via Instagram

Manuela Frey

Switzerland’s smiliest model @manuelatatjana posted this black and white street style shot after @alexismabille

Photo © Lauren de Graaf via Instagram

Ysamin Wijnaldum

@yasminwijnaldum backstage at Maison Valentino with @laurenjdg

Photo © Antonina Petkovic via Instagram

Pauline Hoarau and Antonina Pekovic

@paulinehoarau ready to open the show at @dolcegabbana with @antoninapetkovic

Photo © Vittoria Ceretti via Instagram

Vittoria Ceretti

@vittoceretti tucked up with her laptop the night before the couture shows started. Caption: “Saturday night fever”

Photo © Caroline Andrieu via Instagram

Greta Varlese

There’s only one @greta_varlese - as captured in her outfit for Christian Dior by Caroline Andrieu AKA @wasteland

Photo © Versacemuse via Instagram

Pauline Hoarau

@paulinehoarau getting last minute make-up adjustments at @zuhairmuradofficial

Photo © Vicen Akina via Instagram

Antonina Petkovic

A giggly @antoninapetkovic is captured on the streets of Paris in between shows 

Photo © Bara Podzimkova via Instagram

Bara Podzimkova

All lined up, the rail for @barborapodzimkova #backstage at @armani

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