London Mens Fashion Week With Stylist Harry Lambert

Harry Lambert is a fashion and celebrity stylist and was a guest judge on Elite Model Look UK in 2013, the year Elite discovered Ruth and May Bell, and Paul Kerr. He takes us through a typical day in his life during men’s fashion week as it kicks off in London.

What are your mornings like during Men’s Fashion Week?

I don’t wake up at a set time, it depends on what time the first show is that I will go see. I go straight into the shower and then get dressed while watching TV.  If I have time for breakfast, it is usually from somewhere on the way to work/office. 

What’s a typical day like for a stylist like you?

It can vary as I am freelance. I could be working from the studio calling in samples or prepping, or I might be at a photoshoot, in meetings, or shopping for a client. If I’m in my studio, I have lunch delivered at around 12:30. I like to go to London shows of brands I am friends with and support, but I won’t fill my day going to every show. I don’t travel to the Milan or Paris shows as self-funding those trips can be very expensive. 

What are you looking forward to seeing this season?

I work with designer Liam Hodges and have known him for nearly 10 years so I love to see what he has designed each season and get to style. I love seeing what the younger London designers are making like Charles Jefferey and Art School 

Do you go to any fashion week parties?

I used to when I was an assistant, now I tend to only go if it is a friend’s party to support them or a brand I work with and love or if I know they will be playing pop music. I am old now, so I don’t stay out too late! (laughs)

What’s your evening routine?

I respond to any final emails, and then I have about two hours of TV catchup. I tend to be going to sleep at about 10.30pm.

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