My Model Beauty Routine: Jasmine Hussain

Beauty EML France
Jasmine Hussain took part in Elite Model Look France, and is now a full-time model with Elite, based in London. Working with brands such as Reiss, Nasty Gal and Whistles, she starred in the very first issue of British Vogue edited by Edward Enninful. We sat down with Jasmine to find out her model beauty secrets.  

What is your morning skincare routine?

My morning skin care routine is washing my face with cold water and using a daily exfoliating face wash specifically designed for everyday use. Then, I apply a moisturiser before leaving the house, especially on days when I’m working as I’m supposed to arrive fresh-faced with no makeup.

What is the best thing you can do for your skin?

In my opinion, the best thing I can do for my skin is to not over-worry about having blemishes and spots because that’s when I get them the most. I try to eat healthy, and avoid any junk food, because it’s at that moment that I get pimples. So, I make sure that I take care of my diet and drink a lot of water. I also make sure to wash my face every day before going to bed and after waking up.

Do you use sun protector in summer?

Normally, I only use sun protector when I go on holiday, as that’s when the sun’s rays are very strong and I could get sunburnt. Whenever I’m in London, I don’t tend to use any as the sun is not that strong and because I’m dark-skinned already, I’m naturally resistant to the sun, but I might start wearing some from now on, as I’ve heard a lot of stories about skin cancer that even people with dark skin can develop, and I’d rather not take any chances. I’m going to make sure I wear sun protector in the summer from now on – even in London!

What do you do for your skin in the evening?

In the evening, I start by repeating the same routine as in the morning. First, I remove my makeup with micellar water. Then I wash my face with my face wash. Then, for what comes next, I alternate a lot. Some days I like to do clay masks, some days I just apply moisturiser, some days I do a wet sheet mask, and sometimes I put on some hyaluronic serum. It usually depends on what my day will be like the following day. If I’m working, then I’ll do a clay mask or a sheet mask. But if I’m off, I’ll probably just moisturise my skin or put on hyaluronic serum. Some days if my skin is really bad, then I’ll do a combination of some of these products. I try not to do more than 2 masks a week, because twice a week is enough. I use my Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin clay mask and for my wet sheet masks I’m fond of the Korean brand Tony Moly as their sheet masks are super soothing and smell amazing. 


Who is your hair icon?

I love Shay Mitchell’s signature look with her long loose wavy hair - she always looks fabulous. And I love Zendaya’s different daring hair styles and how much she experiments with her hair and hair wigs. But the one hairstyle I particularly love was how she had her hair for her Boohoo campaign “The Zendaya Edit”. Her hair was curly - sort of like mine - with a slight ombré. She had a curly long fringe and her hair was down. I really love it and it suits her so much and she looked super funky with it! 

What do you use on your hair?

As someone with curly hair, it takes high maintenance to look after my hair. What I like to do and what works best for me is to put on leave-in conditioner all around my hair as soon as I get out of the shower and after lightly drying the excess water out of my hair. Then I like to use a bit of oil on the hair ends just to give them moisture as they tend to dry quickly. Finally, I put on heat protection serum to give extra protection to my hair, as sometimes when I’m on shoots, hair stylists forget to put heat protection on my hair before using hot tools. 

Do you have any regular skin treatments?

No, I don’t get any regular skin treatments. I’ve never had a facial, for example. I would love to try microdermabrasion facials, but they are costly, and you have to keep going to the sessions!

What is the best advice you ever got for your hair?

I think the best advice I got for my hair is that if I ever fancy plaiting my hair, that I should do it on hair that hasn’t been washed for 2 days as the natural oils found in the hair make it easier for the hair to hold together in a braid. And it’s actually true as it always works on me!

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