My Model Resolutions 2018: Elite Model Look Top 15

January is a good time to hit reset. Perhaps it's the indulgence of the holiday season, or maybe it's something you wanted to achieve this time last year and didn't quite make it happen - but setting goals on 1st January is a tradition for many. We asked the current Elite Model Look Top 15 for their dreams and desires for the next 12 months.

Photo © Valeria Chenskaya via Instagram

Valeria Chenskaya

I plan to start singing this year! I want to take lessons, I think it would be nice to know how to sing.

Antonio Freitas

I want to grow as a model, get to work and support myself! Outside modelling, I think about one day starting a business. I still do not know what, but the more skills I can learn the better!

Photo © Lissa Doroshenko via Instagram

Lissa Doroshenko

This year, I'll study a lot, because I want to pass my exams. I'm going to go to the gym, and I’m doing a French course. And I'll work a lot on myself, with everything that happens in my life, because I want to do my best!

Photo © Hakil Haxhiu via Instagram

Hakil Haxhiu

This year I want to stop underestimating myself and I want to start be confident in any situation that life gives me because I can handle a lot more than I think!

Photo © Valeria Buldini via Instagram

Valeria Buldini

In 2018, I’d like to let go of all negativity. Fortunately, last year was mostly good memories - especially my journey with the Elite family, which helped me grow and make my dreams come true! It allowed me to set myself new goals. I want to improve my daily routine so I go to bed on time, and don’t lie in bed on my phone, to take time to look after myself, to meet new people and to go out for a run or a long walk more often, to get fresh air and enjoy being outside. Finally, I want to keep being the adventurous, polite, honest and helpful person that I’ve always tried to be. I really want to live this year as well as possible, without any regrets!

Photo © Siggi Steinar via Instagram

Siggi Steinar

My plan in 2018 is to stop eating everything with sugar like soda, candy, ice cream, and to eat healthier in general!

Natasa Kostova

I want to reduce stress, learn to eat broccoli, be cheerful and save money for a motorbike!

Beatriz Machado

In 2018 I want to start studying new languages ​​and dedicate myself to my dream! I want to grow personally and professionally. I will start with English, which is a world language; I am also interested in Spanish.

Photo © Mona Tougaard via Instagram

Mona Tougaard

I think I want to go more in the gym, and to eat healthier. And I want to start to yoga!

Photo © Alessandro Caroppo via Instagram

Alessandro Caroppo

I would like 2018 to be an unforgettable year like 2017. For myself I would like to start reading more books, making new friends and visiting the Far East, continuing to travel through different continents. I want to stop wasting time, I procrastinate too much. And of course, learning more English. 2018, I trust you!

Photo © Petra Ugljarevic via Instagram

Petra Ugljarevic

I honestly wouldn't change ANYTHING in 2018, I just hope everything stays as good as it was last year, cause it was the best year of my life!

Elisa Bunel

In 2018, I want to do more sport and more activities, and of course I want to progress as a model.

Photo © Renée Immink via Instagram

Renée Immink

My resolutions for 2018 are: clean up my bedroom more often, and drink more water!

Photo © Han Vanwijnsberghe via Instagram

Han Vanwijnsberghe

This year, I want to have more discipline so I spend my time more efficiently. I want to exercise more and I want to focus more on modelling and my own goals. For the rest I want to keep my awesome friends and family because I like the people who I am surrounded by. That's it!

Photo © Nana Reznichenko via Instagram

Nana Reznichenko

I'm going to continue my modeling career! Modelling is definitely my main goal right now.

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