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British girl Milly Parry loves dressing up, and believes fashion can be fun and environmentally sustainable. We asked her all about her wardrobe, styling tips for big nights out and where she goes for inspiration. Milly won Elite Model Look UK in 2017 and now she is now a full-time model with Elite London. Away from the catwalk, she is a student at the prestigious University of Cambridge. Read on to find out what she likes to buy when she wants to look good. 

Where do you shop for clothes?

When I buy clothes, I like to think that I'll still be wearing them in years to come instead of chucking them out each season, so I tend to go more for statement pieces mixed with basics, so that I can make multiple outfits per piece. When I can, charity shops and vintage shops are ideal - why aren't we just as concerned with recycling clothes as with recycling plastic? It's the same issue! 

If money was no object, where would you buy clothes?

Probably a department store like Selfridges, or somewhere like FarFetch, or Vestiaire Collective  - I love combining styles and clothing genres, so anywhere that I could mix and match! 

What is your favourite era for fashion?

I recently went to the Mary Quant exhibition at the V&A Museum in London, and her later collections are so fun and youthful! But the era of Studio 54 were also tremendously iconic - much outfit envy to be had here. SO MUCH GLITTER. 

What’s the worst fad you ever took part in?

Skirt over trousers. I was CONVINCED that I was the coolest kid at school. Although I have to hand it to primary school me - I rocked them with confidence!

What’s the most expensive piece of clothing you own?

I went to the Trinity May Ball at my college at Cambridge University earlier this month and found the most amazing dress - a high neck, backless gingham number. Apparently, I looked like a picnic blanket, but I felt soooo confident in it, that I didn't care! That's all that matters - as long as *you* feel good, who cares what other people say! 

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Everyday? Probably either the dress I wore to the Trinity May Ball, or a turtleneck, jeans and crocs. One is definitely more practical than the other... 

Photo © Zendaya via Instagram

Who is your style hero and why?

Zendaya never fails to look flawless - her style is perhaps a little more classic than mine, but I have such respect for her ability to always dress appropriately and respectfully for the occasion. Such a great role model for young girls! 

What’s your favourite TV show or film for style inspiration?

The new Elton John biography film Rocket Man - it is recent, but my God did Elton have some cracking outfits!

Fancy dress - yes or no?

YES. ALWAYS YES. I bloody love dressing up - any opportunity, and I will go all out. My halloween outfit was pretty cool last year - I spent about two weeks hand making a pagan headdress, with curled horns, and covered in red and black flowers!

Do you share clothes with your siblings/friends?

Definitely! With my sister Daisy....well.... share might be stretching it.... we just pinch each other's clothes without asking most of the time. It's OK though, she doesn't mind!

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