Noah Deric Celebrates Un Anti Racism Day

Model Activism EML France
Noah Deric is a model who completed the EML France contest. He celebrates UN Anti Racism Day by sharing his thoughts about why people can be divided against each other, the progress being made in making fashion model casting more diverse, and why we need to stand as one.

There are demonstrations happening all over the world today for UN Anti Racism Day. Why do we need a day to mark anti-racism?

A lot of people do not realize what is and is not racism. Some people have been brought up to be afraid of people who are different, people who do not look like them. We are all different, and that's what makes this world so rich. Our world is already in enough trouble, we don’t need to fight and destroy each other. Of course, everything will not change overnight. But the goal is avoid reliving the mistakes of the past, and to create a better world! The colour of our skin doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter what language you speak, or what social class you are from – we are all one race.

What needs to change?

Racism has to be taken seriously, because hate only breeds hate. If one person hates another, it will only create more. In the case of the Black Lives Matter movement, a whole community felt alienated by the rest of society. It is not normal that there is so much inequality in this world. Everyone has rights, and everyone should be treated the same.

Fashion is changing – New York Fashion Week this February was the most diverse ever! Is it important to have diversity in modelling?

It’s very important. More and more fashion brands are diversifying their model casting and this is very important in a profession that is mainly based on image. This means that everyone can have their chance at success, and more importantly, it can help to reduce racism by showing different people on the same fashion show, the same campaign or the same advertisement! But it needs to go beyond the diversity on the catwalk, we are talking about something that goes much further. It's a social problem. Hence the fact that racism is a subject that must be taken seriously.

What is your message for the people demonstrating against racism today?

I have enormous respect for the people demonstrating against racism today. Not only that, but for all those who did it in the past, and those who will do it in the future! I do not have the words to express the admiration I have for these people who are struggling to change things just like their predecessors - I can only send all the love and support possible!

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