Vacation Snapshots From Elite Model Look Models

Travel July 6
These models show how it’s done on vacation with their Instagram snapshots. From South Korea to Paris, from the French Riviera to the mountains of India, we take a look at our favourite shots of models relaxing around the world.

Photo © Aneta Mestanova via Instagram

Aneta Mestanova, EML Czech Republic

Say cheese! Aneta Mestanova hangs out with friends in her native Czech Republic.

Photo © Babs de Jongh via Instagram

Babs De Jongh, EML Netherlands

Taking a moment of calm, Babs de Jongh shared this photo from her vacation in the beautiful National Park of Plitvice Lakes in Croatia.

Photo © Chanel Asberg via Instagram

Chanel Asberg, EML Netherlands

Chanel Asberg gets retro with this old school photo while having a relaxing day on a boat.

Photo © Chiara Corridori via Instagram

Chiara Corridori, EML Italy

Chiara Corridori back to Cagliari, her hometown in Sardegna, in front of some street art.

Photo © Enika Mihalik via Instagram

Eniko Mihalik, EML Hungary

Eniko Mihalik enjoying the view above the river Duna in Budapest, Hungary. Cheers!

Photo © Jeremie Trojman via Instagram

Jeremie Trojman, EML France

Jeremie Trojman at MEOW in Paris. Is there a better way to catch the sunset in Paris than on a rooftop?

Photo © Zuzana Straska via Instagram

Zuzana Straska, EML Czech Republic

Zuzana Straska shows how there’s nowhere to relax quite like the beach.

Photo © Jessie Hsu via Instagram

Jessie Hsu, EML China

Jessie Hsu walking through a beautiful garden in South Korea.

Photo © Josephine Le Tutour via Instagram

Josephine Le Tutour, EML France

With her beautiful smile, Josephine Le Tutour wears white in the sunshine.

Photo © Maria Palm via Instagram

Maria Palm, EML Denmark

Maria Palm shared this beautiful beach photo taken in the French Riviera. The caption? “Yes we Cannes”!

Photo © Priyanka via Instagram

Priyanka, EML India

Priyanka looks serene breathing the fresh mountain air in Munnar, Kerela in India.

Photo © Siggi Steinar via Instagram

Siggi Steinar, EML Iceland

We love the warm colours of this wonderful sunset in Seoul shared by Siggi.

Photo © Baya Kolarikova via Instagram

Baya Kolarikova, EML Slovakia

Baya Kolarikova shared this picture from Munich and especially Marienplatz.

Photo © Greta Varlese via Instagram

Greta Varlese, EML Italy

The library is open! Greta Varlese takes a little break on the top of this staircase-slash-bookcase while visiting Venice.

Photo © Benjamin Aston via Instagram

Benjamin Aston, EML Switzerland

Benjamin Aston hanging out with Etienne Robert in Tokyo. What a gorgeous view!

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