Victor Ndigwe Releases Video For Single "trill Vybz Only"

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Victor Nidigwe took part in the Elite Model Look World Final 2014 representing Nigeria. Away from the catwalk, Victor is pursuing his music career - he has released a music video for his first single, Trill Vybz Only

Victor explained the concepts behind the video: " Basically, it’s just little vibes around streets I grew up knowing. For example, my producer would always say 'No smoking here, go outside," to anyone new who came to the studio, got too comfortable and would try to smoke, so it became a bit of a joke. And then the guy who calls me from the house is my longtime friend, we grew up in the same compound, we started music at almost the same time and we went to the studio together a lot. This is what I tried to show in the first seconds of the video.

We shot the video in the same streets I grew up in. There’s scenes of the mandem gambling as well and it ends in a friendly fight and the table being turned over. I used to gamble as well but I never won so that’s why I’m not really participating in that scene! This video kinda shows my mindset when I wrote the song years ago. Everything has changed now, and I hope that I’ll be showing how in forthcoming projects. But Trill Vybz is all about brotherhood and positive vibes.”

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