Wil Ariyamethe, Stylist & Designer

Styling for the Elite Model Look World Final is no easy task. As well as the looks for photo and video shoots during the Bootcamp, the Final Show calls for an enormous amount of work. With almost 60 models, it’s a job on the scale of a fashion week super-show like Chanel.

For 2019, Wil Ariyamethe put together fashion looks that brought out the individual charms of each and every model and Digital Creator. Born in Thailand, Wil is now based in Paris. With a styling resume including Dior Beauty, Nowness and Vogue.com. Wil’s day job is as swimwear designer for Thapelo Paris, where she has reinvented the classic one piece with flattering cuts and colourways inspired by Grace Kelly. Read on to learn how she navigated the task of styling at the EML World Final 2019!

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You styled the 56 Finalists for their photo, video and runway looks. What was the inspiration for the Elite Model Look World Final?

The inspiration for the Elite Model Look World Final was a mash up of lots of themes! In our brainstorming session, we talked about "youth in the 80's" and "The Matrix haute couture". I'm always inspired by music and I have an eclectic music collection – there are pretty much all genres in there!

As a stylist, how did you decide the look for each Finalist?

Before any shoot or show, my team and I source clothing and accessories, drawing from our moodboards. This is how we first start. When I meet the models, I get inspired from who they are as people, their personality, their body type, if they remind me of a celebrity or even someone I know. 

What is the best part of your job as stylist?

I style some of the more established Elite talent for red carpet events, and I want to use styling to elevate a model’s personality. It’s important to talk to make sure that the model feels good in what they're wearing – I want them to believe in the outfit as much as I do. You can always see true confidence in photos or when a model walks down the red carpet or runway.

How did you first get into styling?

I didn't know that I wanted to be a stylist, I got into it by chance - but I was always obsessed with clothing, models and magazines since I was a child, so I knew I wanted to work in fashion! I studied design and one of my first jobs to make money as a student was to assist freelance stylists. Now, I alternate work as a freelance designer and stylist. I'm happy because I enjoy doing both!

What did you think of Elite Model Look as a platform to launch the careers of 49 models and 7 Digital Creatives?

Elite Model Look is a fantastic platform to launch careers and it's good training to show the Finalists what a studio and runway is really like. You don't have to be the Winner or Top 15 to gain from the experience either. There are so many models that inspired me and I would love to shoot an editorial or work with them again!

Do you have any advice for anyone reading who may wish to become a stylist in future?

Styling is a lot of hard work so get ready! It's not a 9-5 job so you need to be passionate and not mind the long hours. Do your research and get to know the people in the industry. Don't take on negative energy and don't become mean – fashion has a reputation for people acting like that, but the reality is very different. People can feel bad vibes on a set and it's not cool! And don't be afraid to knock on as many doors as possible, who cares if some say no. Someone will say yes, and they're going to love your vision!

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