Winning Big With Anouk Thijssen

Model Life Dec 11
Just a few short weeks ago, Anouk Thijssen won first place at the Elite Model Look World Final in Milan. Her clear blue eyes and positive personal outlook put this Dutch beauty ahead of the competition. She won a modelling contact with Elite guaranteed at €150,000. We caught up with her to find out what she’s been doing since the award was announced.

What have you done since you won the Elite Model Look World Final?

First, I relaxed and enjoyed being with friends. I went back to school. My class welcomed me with flowers, presents, confetti and a red carpet. I did an interview at home for TV which I really liked. It is very weird to see myself on TV, but in the same time it is very cool! And, of course I have been horse riding again.

What has been the most exciting thing you have done since you won?

The shoot for Vogue was very cool to do. The location, people and clothes were great! We had a lot of fun. It was awesome when Elite New Wave started and people looked how we where shooting. When I got home, I received a very kind letter from the mayor of Wijchen, my hometown. He congratulated me with winning the Elite Model Look contest. I am proud, he said I am an ambassador of Wijchen now!

Have you managed to celebrate with your friends and family?

Yes, I had a party at my place, a lot of friends and family came and we had a great evening with each other. I got a lot of presents and we saw a movie made by my brother from little shots my father has taken of the Elite Model Look, from the casting day til the finals in Milan. It was really nice to see what I have done the last few months.  

What do your friends and family think of your win?

They support me and they are very proud. My parents love to see how I’m doing all the things with Elite; the casting, the bootcamp, the final, shoots etc. My brother is hoping that I will be very successful with modeling. I think he is proud of me. Photo: Martin Sweers

What are you doing for Christmas?

At school, we will have a big Christmas party. I have bought a lovely dress and I’m looking forward to going to the party with my friends. I will be posting pictures on my Instagram! I will be having a nice dinner with my family and enjoying being all together. After that, I’m really looking forward to do a big show abroad. I can’t wait to start working for great designers!

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